Blog Boss U

Create a blog and business system that works for you... not one where you work for your blog.

Does any this sound like you?

You’re struggling to create EPIC content that people are waiting to devour.

You want to make an income through your blog so that you can escape your soul-sucking day job.

You want to have a fail-proof system that helps you get rid of stress and create more freedom and well-being for your life.

You’re wondering how the heck do profitable bloggers create and launch new products and services that have hoards of people waiting to buy from them.

When people ask me what’s the number one way I made an income online, I tell them, “It’s through blogging and having an email list of fans whom I can reach anywhere anytime.”

And before you think “blogging is about publishing blog posts”, it’s not. You see… when I first started blogging for fun 10 years ago, publishing made me happy.

But blogging is much less about publishing than it is about marketing, creating community, building momentum, rallying subscriber fans, and wait for it...making a (passive) income!

How would you like it if you had this…?

You have hundreds, if not thousands, of readers who are ready to read your blog posts every time you hit publish.

You have a fully polished and optimized blog that your readers immediately fall in love with when they stumble upon your website.

You write blog posts that goes viral so that you can quickly and effectively grow your blog audience.

You have a platform that can help you turn your readers into a leads and sales machine.

You have built a system that works for you and your blog business so that you can work less everyday, take more vacations, and have more time to care for your family.


And let me tell you… Blog Boss U will help you set up a system that will help you create a reality you want...

Since taking my online journey seriously 18 months ago, I’ve been making thousands of dollars every month with my blog audience.

And how did this happen? It’s because of my blog and email list.

Once you have a system in place, you can start generating affiliate and digital product sales every month and sometimes on autopilot!

It’s because of my blog and systems that has created freedom for me to take a few days off to relax and get inspiration or travel without feeling like I’m always on the social media hamster wheel.

So how do you create and build this system?

Well, I’m stoked to walk you through your itinerary...

Module 1: Savvy Big Picture Strategy

Let’s start your blog with a bang! And it’s hard to unless we talk about how blogging fits in with the grand scheme of things. At the end of the day, your blog is a marketing platform where you give value first before asking for the sale.

So in this module, we’ll go over monetization strategies (Oh fun stuff, right?), fine-tuning your niche, and refining your message. You might be so excited to skip straight to building the actual blog, but when it comes to blog marketing, there is a strategy behind what you don’t see on the front end!

If setting up Wordpress is the foundation, this is the pre-foundation. Without the strategy and direction, it’s impossible to see growth on your blog!

Module 2: Wordpress Trainings (Bite-Sized Tutorials

Have you ever stumbled upon a new platform and completely confused about where to start? Wordpress is easy to use once you learn your way to navigate it like a boss, but it’s overwhelming to start!

In these mini lessons, I share my screen with you so you can “watch over my shoulder” and implement (I literally mean “copy and paste” from my screen to yours) everything to get your Wordpress site up.

This might not sound fun, but it’s absolutely necessary -- and when I started I made one mistake that was irreversible! You don’t want that to happen to right?

Trust me, it won’t.

Module 3: Branding Your Blog

Because so many people asked me about visual branding, I decided to answer all your calls! In this lesson, I’m going to walk you step-by-step in laying the grand foundation to a beautiful blog that instantly speaks to your target audience.

This includes:

  • Identifying your brand inspiration
  • Creating a brand style guide
  • Creating graphic templates that are on brand and that saves you time

Trust me, when you think that you know everything about branding, you don’t. It’s not only about having a pretty blog, but also a brand that speaks to your audience.

Module 4: Wordpress Themes Made Easy

Wordpress themes and the Customizer is one of the most overwhelming tasks that you can encounter as a new blogger. I know the first time I navigated it, I almost panicked!

“OMG! This tweak is going to ruin the entire aesthetic of my blog. What if my readers notice?”

So in this module, I’m going to walk you through everything from shopping for a Wordpress theme to tackling the Customizer so you can create an aesthetically-pleasing website experience for your readers.

Module 5: Creating EPIC Content That People Love + Goes Viral!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to write epic content. So in this lesson, I’m going to walk you through my entire process, including following a no-fail blog post structure, finding your blogging voice, coming up with viral blog post ideas, and creating a BOSS content plan that will help you smack down content creation.

Module 6: Intro to Email List Building

In this final major module, I’m going to show you how to reach your blog audience whenever you want! Yes, you read that right. Many new bloggers are overwhelmed and panicking over social media algorithm changes, but you want to steer clear from that kind of drama.

With an email list that’s completely and 100% ours, you’ll never have to panic about social media algorithm changes again. Sounds like a deal?


I heard you love bonuses?

Yay, me too!

So I have some good news for you…

#1 Editorial Calendar (Template)

If you have started blogging already and you’re trying to stick to a schedule, you know it’s tough. Maybe you’re not organized or you don’t have a system, but I’ve given you the exact editorial calendar template I use to get shit done + keep a pulse on how much content I still have in my arsenal.

With this template, you’ll never be unsure what and when to publish next!

#2 Launch Your Blog (Lesson)

Some people prefer to just drive traffic to their blogs while others want to officially launch it into the world. If you’re that badass boss, then this lesson is for you.

#3 How to Use Pinterest to Drive Thousands of Pageviews to Your Blog + Workbook

Create it and they’ll come, you might have heard of the saying. In this case, create the content and your ideal readers will read it. Sorry, but that doesn’t always happen.

So in this lesson, I show you how to tackle your Pinterest marketing for your blog posts. You might think you’ll get everything perfect on your blog, then bring Pinterest into the game. But that’s not entirely true!

You want to bake Pinterest SEO optimization strategies into your blog posts even before you write!

#4 Creating Viral Pins Masterclass

Do you know what’s the most important component when it comes to getting your pins seen on Pinterest? Well, that is, of course… the pin itself!

So in this 40-minute masterclass, I go into detail on some of my highest performing pin and how to create them in my favorite FREE design software: Canva!

#5 Private Blog Boss Facebook Group

Let’s face it… it’s hard to blog alone. I’ve tried it… and it’s miserable. So along with this course, you also get access to your fellow blog bosses who are on the same journey as you.

And the best thing?

They are people who “get it” when your family and friends are telling you, “I don’t think this will work out…”

Who this course ISN’T for?

You’re an intermediate or advanced blogger who is already making money from your blog

You’re looking for how to launch your digital product or make affiliate sales or any other form of “monetize your blog” strategy

Lazy people who don’t want to put in the work

Your Instructor


Hi, I'm Judy! I'm a blogger and productivity strategist who helps other bloggers start and grow their blogs productively.

Class Curriculum

  Module 0: Blog Boss Coffee Chat
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Yes! You will get all future updates on the course for as long as I sell it.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you're unhappy with the course, I'll be happy to give you a refund within 30 days. Email me at heyjuddess@gmail.com for a refund. Note that it might take a few days for it to reflect on your account.
What format is the course delivered in?
The course is mostly delivered in video format, but there are a few lessons in text format. However, just because a lesson is in text or video doesn’t take away the value of the lesson. Text lessons are easier and quicker to create, but some lessons require video for me to SHOW (not tell) you how to do something. This is true for all the tutorials and my students tell me that that’s “exactly what I need.”
Will this course work for me if I already launched my blog?
Yes! Some people launched their blog, but really had no guidance so they’re all over the place. If that’s you and you’re struggling to write epic content or grow your email list, this course will show you the ropes. As a very general guideline, anyone who is in their first 6 months of blogging can benefit from this course. Likewise, if you’re struggling with content and email list building and not sure what to do, this course will take you out of that frustration too.
I’m busy, I have kids to care for, and I have a full time job. How long will it take for me to go through it?
You’re in luck! Since it’s a self-paced course that never ends, you’ll have forever access to it as long as I sell it. So there’s no rush to getting through the course materials. I do recommend that you take at least 15 hours per week to focus on “blogging.” To make it work, you can’t just be randomly and accidentally spending an hour a week.
Can I find this information somewhere else online?
Maybe, maybe not. When I started my previous blogs, I was piecing together random blog posts from all over the Internet. It’s not a fun, but most importantly, a very TIME-CONSUMING process that I don’t want to go through again. When I was consuming free content on the web and I had a question, bloggers were almost never available to answer my questions -- and that created even more frustrations. I guess free stuff comes at a steep price too. These days, if I can take the course route, I’m happy to pay for what I don’t know to fill in the gaps.
Will this course help me make money blogging or drive traffic?
For the most part, no. But some lessons on SEO and monetization strategies will bake marketing into blog post writing. Also, I do cover monetization strategies in the general sense. But it doesn’t teach you about affiliate marketing or how to create a digital product if that’s what you’re looking for. It will, however, help you lay the solid foundation and effective system BEFORE driving traffic and monetizing your blog. Because get this… if you don’t have a solid foundation and you’re driving traffic to a ghost town, you’re not going to keep the attention of any reader!
Will I need to purchase anything after buying this course?
If you haven’t started your blog, you’re going to need to purchase hosting -- and it’s super affordable. This investment is non-negotiable if you want to make money blogging. I do recommend buying a Wordpress for many reasons that I talk about inside the course -- and that’s about $30-70, depending on what you choose. But that’s it! When it comes to email list building + marketing, I offer two routes: free route vs. the paid route. If you choose Mailerlite (my favorite free email marketing provider), the service is free to use.
Is my credit card safe and secure with you?
I use Teachable to host and sell my courses and they are seriously the best software course provider I’ve ever met! I have both sold and bought courses through Teachable and NEVER had any issues with them.

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